Attract Customers
Retail Malls/Restaurants/Shops

Extend Dwell Times in your Stores

Elevate your customers’ shopping center experience from one of just convenience to a premium experience.  Offering shoppers the opportunity to charge their vehicle while shopping and dining will extend their dwell time in your stores, and in return, they will spend more money in stores, restaurants, and parking.  Our Juice Bar will provide your customers with a premium charging experience and you with a valuable marketing tool.  

A Juice Bar Provides a Competitive Edge over other Facilities

At Juice Bar we can help you develop a plan that will fit the needs of your customer and facility.  If you choose to use a model that charges for the use of the charging station there are opportunities to offer customer rewards and loyalty points.  Our unique design offers advertising through customization of the Juice Bar.  Offer tenants the chance to advertise and/or sponsor a Juice Bar and it will more than pay for itself. Providing your customers with convenient access to a premium electric vehicle charging station combined with our unique Juice Bar experience adds value to your facility and gives it a competitive edge over other facilities.