Raise the Bar!
Parking Facilities

Raising the Bar to Create a Premium Parking Experience

Juice Bar can help you as a parking facility owner deliver amenities to your clients that are commensurate with the level of service they have come to expect with our premium electric vehicle charging stations and our Green Garage Oasis accessories. Whether your parking facility services offices, travelers or shoppers, our experienced Juice Bar staff can help put together a solution that will meet your needs and will improve the overall appearance of the parking structure.  Providing convenience of a charging station where people work, live or shop enhances the parking experience and will bring more parking customers to your facility. 

List your Juice Bar Station on a Searchable Directory to Locate Charging Units

Let our experienced staff help you develop a sustainable plan that includes strategies for charging or not charging for the use of the Juice Bar, as well as marketing opportunities. If you choose to use a model that charges for the use of the charging station there are opportunities to offer customer rewards and loyalty points to your frequent parkers.  When you install a Juice Bar charging station you can list your charging unit on a searchable directory to locate charging stations, and customers with EV’s will chose a parking facility that offers this service.  

Unique Advertising Revenue

Our unique design offers advertising through customization of the Juice Bar.  Offer tenants the chance to avertise and/or sponsor a Juice Bar and it will move more than pay for itself.  Consider it a form of unique brand promotion.

Changing the Nature of Parking

Only available through Juice Bar can you also get the Green Garage Oasis experience for your parking garage.   The Oasis is an assemblage of products to enhance the premium charging experience that includes added amenities for your customers and highlights the charging space you have set aside.  Providing your customers with convenient access to a premium electric vehicle charging station combined with our unique Juice Bar experience adds value to your facility and gives it a competitive edge over other facilities, as well as translating into a commitment to sustainability.