Paint the Town Red!
Governments / Municipalities / Military

Win-Win for Both Budget and Fleet Considerations

Juice Bar recognizes that federal, state and local town governments as well as military bases have budgetary restrictions that make the low maintenance costs of electric vehicles attractive. Sufficient charging is essential for vehicle fleets.  Our electric vehicle charging stations are an excellent choice for both fleet management parking lots serving the general public.  The Juice Bar Quad with 4 charging connection ports allows 4 vehicles to charge at one time while saving costly installation expense. This represents a win-win for budgetary and fleet considerations.

Juice Bar Charging Stations Boast Quality, Durability & Reliability

Key features to consider in choosing a charging station are quality, durability & reliability, especially true for government entities.  When someone sees our premium Juice Bar they know our product is an EV charging station of substance.  It is built to last and it looks good. In addition to the quality of the product, it also is ideal for displaying for your brand values.  Popular wraps include the municipality’s logo, pictures of local attractions, and images of historical or inspirational figures.  We can assist you with this process, preparing mockups of what your station will look like so that you can run them by decision markers for approval.   We call this the Juice Bar’s Billboard of Sustainability. 

Dashboard Feature Allows Monitoring and Usage

Our communication package provides the reporting that our clients need to gather information on usage in order to justify expenditures and budget for future planning.   With your own dashboard, you can monitor the status and usage of each of your charging stations.  How you choose to allow access to the charging station is entirely up to you.  Meantime you choose whether to allow your employees, constituents or the general public to charge for free or use credit cards or RFID chips to access your chargers.  

Reduce the Consumption of Fossil Fuels and Gain a Billboard of Sustainability

The savings alone on the reduction of fuel use with fleet vehicles will more than cover the costs of the charging station and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Costs for public charging stations can be offset by charging a fee for the use of the station, creating a sustainable model for federal, state and local government bodies.  Let Juice Bar help solve your charging needs as you support your initiatives to increase the use of alternative fuels and reduce the consumption of costly fossil fuel.