Taking Care of Drivers

Provide a Sustainable Alternative for your Hospital

Working in a hospital can mean long hours for doctors, nurses and staff while they care for patients. Having access to an electric vehicle charging station is a great perk for employees. Patients, their family members and visitors at the hospital will appreciate the courtesy of the Juice Bar charging station as an amenity for those that choose to drive an electric vehicle. 

Durable, Reliable, Sustainable

Juice Bar electric vehicle charging stations offer a premium charging experience combined with reliability & durability.  Built strong and with great aesthetics, Juice Bar will be a welcome addition to any facility.  It is meant to be visible with a design that can accommodate branding or your message of sustainability. Adding Juice Bar electric vehicle charging stations to your hospital parking facility shows a commitment to the environment and provides an incentive for employees to drive an electric vehicle

Turn a Fee for the Charge into Targeted Donations

Our Point of Sale and Communication System offers your facility the option to choose whether or not you would like to offer the EV charging at no cost, use the credit card option to charge a fee and/or issue a card to employees to access free charging.  The choice is yours, and you can count on our staff to help you develop the strategy that aligns with your business objectives.