Attract Overnight Guests

Be Forward Thinking and Stand Out from your Competition

Juice Bar offers a premium electrical vehicle charging experience that is a perfect amenity for the hospitality industry.  With Juice Bar you will not only demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.  You will also attract overnight guests looking for both a bed and a long distance charge.  that you are forward-thinking and anticipating their needs. Our Juice Bar charging station lets you stand out from your competition. 

Add your Charging Stations to a Directory

Hotel guests with EVs will search for hotels that offer charging as an amenity. When you install a Juice Bar charging station you can list your charging unit on a searchable directory of charging stations.  Consider it a form of unique market advertising.

Customize your Juice Bar

We know it is important that adding this amenity fits in with the overall appearance of the property. Our Juice Bar charging station has been designed by BMW DesignWorks and offers you a place to display your brand and/or advertise a service. Our staff will work with you to customize your Juice Bar to meet your brand standards.

Improve Online Reviews

Services like the Juice Bar exceed your guests' expectations and generate a lasting impression which translates into improved online reviews and more room nights for your business.

Best of all:     As few as one EV driver per month will pay for the cost of a lease.