Taking Long Vacation Drives
Parks, Stadiums, Casinos, Movie Theaters

Supporting Long Distance Vacations

Juice Bar recognizes that with each destination facility there is a unique set of needs that have to be met.  Whether it is a national or state park, amusement park, sports stadium or arena, entertainment facility like a movie theater, resort, casino or any other type of destination, our knowledgeable staff will work with you to develop a strategy to fit your needs.  In return, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your guests and customers. Eliminate any stress or anxiety your guests might feel because they are wondering where they will get their next charge. When you install a Juice Bar charging station you can list your charging unit on a searchable directory where prospective guests will find you and visit you, secure in the knowledge that they will have enough juice for the trip back home.  

Owners Have Choices 

We know it is important that adding this amenity fits in with the overall appearance of your property. Our Juice Bar charging stations offer you a place to display your brand or advertise an upcoming event or the special features of your destination. Consider it a form of unique brand promotion. If you choose to use a model that charges for the use of the charging station there are opportunities to offer customer rewards and loyalty points. It is your choice how you put your Juice Bar to work for you.

Unique Guest Experience

Services like the Juice Bar charging station exceed guest expectations.  In contrast to many options our charging stations are reliable, sturdy, and intuitive.  They enerate a positive and lasting impression which translates into improved online reviews and more business. It also attracts new customers that drive electric vehicles:  Just a few extra visitors to your destination will more than cover the cost of your Juice Bar charging stations.  Add to that the value of the goodwill generated by your commitment to the environment and your sustainable investment will turn into a profitable one.