Apartments and Condos

Be Forward Thinking and Stand Out from your Competition

Juice Bar premium electric vehicle charging stations provide your owners and tenants with a premium amenity that encourages and supports the adoption of electric vehicles. Our Juice Bar charging station lets you stand out from your competition and demonstrates that you are forward-thinking and anticipating their needs.  Choosing our optional Communication/Revenue Management System will provide you with the opportunity to set up custom settings for your Juice Bar station.  Whether you choose to charge a fee or offer charging free is your choice, along with that you also get the flexibility to set up rules for access control and a central dashboard to remotely monitor your stations.  A variety of reports are available from the dashboard, fault and error notifications can be sent to the designated person. 

Customize your Juice Bar

We know it is important that adding an amenity such as an electric vehicle charging station fits in with the overall appearance of the property. Our Juice Bar charging stations have been designed by BMW Design Works and offer you a place to display your brand, and/or advertise a service, creating a billboard of sustainability. Our staff will work with you to customize your Juice Bar to meet your brand standards.