Charging Station
Gen 3: 80 Amps
JuiceBar Gen 3 80A chargers are reliable and provide optimal range and peace of mind to meet the travel needs of EV drivers.
Competitively Priced and Fully Customizable

The JuiceBar Gen 3 is a compact charging option that offers the option of a pedestal or wall mount. Competitively priced and fully customizable.

Pedestal or Wall Mount

The JuiceBar Gen 3 provides facility owners the option of a pedestal or wall mount while still remaining highly visible within a facility. Keeping true to the innovative Juice Bar charging station designs, the Gen 3 still allows room for advertising, branding, or sponsorship opportunities creating a potential income-producing asset for facility owners.

Our charging stations offer an affordable, high-quality product, premium charging experience with an innovative concept in design, upgradeable as technology changes while offering freedom of choice.

  • Fully Upgradable, as technology changes modular parts are easily swapped out
  • Your Choice: Order with or without the Communication & Revenue Management System
  • You choose if and when to activate management software, JuiceBar stations work whether the software is activated or not
  • ETL listed & Built in the USA
  • Leases available for as little as $195 per month