"The JuiceBar highlights our commitment to the environment, having the highly visible charge equipment with our brand in our facilities keeps this initiative in the minds of all of our customers."
Ben Worku – Director of Operations, MPark, LLC.
  • Designed with BMW Designworks USA
  • Iconic Design with LED illuminated Juice Bar logo
  • Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Product & Experience
  • Forward designed for the future of electric vehicle charging
  • Weatherproof – Indoor/Outdoor Use

JuiceBar is the Most Customizable EV Charging Station

JuiceBar charging stations offer you flexibility and choice. We are connected to multiple networks and participate in an unlocked EV charger infrastructure.This means that you can select the network of your choice, including EV Mobility Network and many others. You can also decide whether to charge a fee or offer free EV charging to your employees or customers.  

JuiceBar Provides Owners a Customized and Branded Billboard of Sustainability

JuiceBar charging stations can be customized to your message and your brand, creating a positive impression to employees and customers, and enhancing the overall appearance of your facility. 

JuiceBar prides itself on its client-focused approach.  Our team is always ready to assist with developing a strategy that best suits your needs.

For more information and a quick quotation, send us a note or write us at sales@JuiceBarEV.com.