P.C. McKenzie Company in Pittsburgh Installs Juice Bar Charger
P.C. McKenzie Company in Pittsburgh Installs Juice Bar Charger
  • February 01, 2017

Announcing Electric Vehicle Charging Station



Tolland, CT. – February 1, 2017

As the excitement of the expanding Electric Vehicle world continues to spread and the related technology continues to rapidly change, it only makes sense that deployment of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure becomes increasingly important.

P.C. McKenzie, located in Pittsburgh, an early pioneer of NGV refueling stations recognized that this was a good time to be able to offer their customers Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.   Providing choice and alternatives to their customer’s sustainability efforts.

After several discussions Juice Bar and PC McKenzie soon realized that their similar philosophies of providing quality product, excellent customer service and a hands-on approach would be a winning partnership. Juice Bar EV is proud to have P.C. McKenzie as a reseller of their charging stations.

We at Juice Bar EV are very excited to find a company that aligns with our philosophy of providing our customers the freedom of, quality product and service.

As stated by Managing Director, David Schmid, “We are selective about who we choose to partner with to sell our products.  It is important to us that our customers trust us, as well as they do our partners, to provide them with the knowledge and support to help them as they explore the need for EV charging and go through the installation process.  With P.C. McKenzie we know that our high standards will be upheld, and our customers’ expectations will be exceeded.”

P.C. McKenzie will be an official reseller of our Juice Bar® EV products, which include most notably our Mini Bar® Electric Vehicle Charging Station models. These stations combine both level 2 charging and Level 1 convenience charging, with different configurations for 2 to 4 cars to charge simultaneously from one station.  There are choices for mounting options, communication system options and customization.  Two of the unique features of these model stations are: (1) they are built modular in design so components are more easily replaced and updateable as technology changes and (2) station owners have the option to include a communication system for future activation, but until ready to activate the system, the station can be used to offer free charging.  Their product line will also include our Energy Bar®, Level 3 DC Fast Charge Stations.

Electric Vehicle Re-Charging is a market that is continuing to grow”, says Dan Good from P.C. McKenzie.  Dan goes on to say, “we recognize that the ability to achieve success requires that we partner with a company that shares all the values that we have held for the past 70 years. Juice Bar EV meets and exceeds those expectations. We believe that our partnership with Juice Bar EV will prove mutually beneficial not only to both our organizations, but more importantly to our clients throughout the US and abroad. We are most please to be associated Juice Bar EV.”