The JuiceBar design provides owners with different options to customize their chargers, allowing brand building and advertising opportunities. Whether you want to strengthen your own brand’s image by supporting a clean initiative, sell advertising spaces, or partner with a sponsor to share in the cost, the choice is yours. These opportunities come in addition to the option of charging a fee or offering free EV charges to your customer.

Brand Your JuiceBar

You can customize your JuiceBar EV chargers with a vinyl-branded UV resistant wrap that promotes your brand.  Our designers will work with you, using your logo and brand guidelines to create a beautifully branded and unique JuiceBar charger.  Order with your charger and your charger will be delivered with the wrap affixed.  Strengthen your own brand's environmental image by supporting a clean energy initiative.  

Sell Advertising on Your JuiceBar

Advertising on your JuiceBar allows you to share in promoting an environmentally friendly product with other brands, with the potential to cover the cost of ownership and provide an income-producing asset. You also decide whether you want to charge the consumer for their charge, or provide it as a free amenity. There are many benefits to advertising on a JuiceBar, and we can help you best determine if this would be the right fit for you.