Leasing Options

Customers With Tenants Love Our Leasing Options

Leasing provides a convenient, low cost option for many of our customers including commercial real estate owners with parking garages, multi-use buildings, shopping malls with multiple tenants, and others with tenants.  Most of our customers pass through their lease costs to their tenants as operating costs, thereby avoiding the need to tie up their cash, take out loans, or put their charging assets on their balance sheets..  At the same time our chargers can offer new revenue opportunities through parking fees, advertising, and internal brand development. 

Flexible Terms and Payment Options

Our standard lease product is for 5 years at under $200/month, depending on charger and accessories.  We provide a 3-5 year warranty on all equipment.  Extended warranties are available.  Customers may also contract for communications packages including the flexibility to charge their employees, customers and guests a fee if they wish.  


--Conserve cash and free up capital for other priorities
--Pass monthly costs through to tenants as an operating cost
--Upgrade as needed with our modular, plug-and-play design
--Bundle equipment, extended warranties,, shipping, installation, and other services into one low monthly payment
--Avoid capital charges and covenant impacts by keeping off balance sheet