Transportation Security Administration Headquarters, Arlington Virginia


The TSA, a government agency, was created to strengthen the security of the nation’s transportation systems.  They are responsible for screening all commercial airline passengers & baggage. The TSA headquarters and their parking facility are located in Arlington, VA. The management of the parking facility noticed a demand form their patrons for an electric vehicle charging station. 


Provide electric vehicle charging stations for the employees and other patrons at TSA headquarters parking facility.  The management of the garage explained the need to charge up to four vehicles at the same time, which was based on the needs as well as space availability within the facility.  They also expressed an interest in making the garage more environmentally sustainable. 


Juice Bar was selected as the vendor for TSA because of our premium charging station, which is both reliable & durable.  We recommended our Juice Bar Quad, which has two level 2 and two level 1 charging ports providing connections for up to 4 cars at the same time with one installation. To complete their sustainability message a Green Garage Oasis package was developed to fit the needs of their facility. 


The order was placed on April 10th, the Juice Bar Quad was delivered and the installation was completed by 5/21/13.  Along with the installation of the Juice Bar Quad a customized Green Garage Oasis package was installed. This included a tire inflation station, custom painted floor to indicate the EV parking area while charging and way finding signage.  All of these Juice Bar elements combined to provide the needed electric vehicle charging station with 4 charging connections, the message of environmental sustainability all while meeting budget needs and providing a product that is built to last.